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The Dude, Jeffrey Lebowski Men's Crew Socks

$ 10.00

Paying homage to The Dude from the cult classic film, The Big Lebowski, The Dude himself comes alive on a far out pair of socks that really ties the room together. Simply known as “The Dude”… or "His Dudeness, or uh Duder or El Duderino if you’re not into the whole brevity thing", the real Jeffrey Lebowski’s is featured with his iconic Pendleton Westerley sweater, baggy, woven pants and shades. Perfect for bowling, enjoying beverages, participating in capers and generally having fun. 
 Fits men's shoe size 6-12, women's shoe size 7.5- 13.5. Content: 98% Polyester, 2% Spandex

The Sock Shack in Portland Maine