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Made from Scratch, Kitty Kitchen Dish Towel

$ 13.50

Watch your ankles! A little cat hair never hurt anyone, right? Look at this cat, so pleased with themself, maybe because they've scratched the heck out your new sofa. This Made From Scratch Dish Towel shows a happy (maybe a little smug) cat giving it their all in the kitchen. A wonderful gift for cat lovers and cooks! It's the perfect "Made from Scratch" kitchen accessory for the cat lover who may or may not share a home with a particularly destructive kitty! This item is created with luxurious woven artwork, known as jacquard, with the colors of the threads creating the design. The end result is a super absorbent towel with a more subtle, vintage look that is very soft to the touch. It's also a super handy item to have hanging around in any kitchen. 1% of the sales of Dish Towels will benefit hunger relief programs around the world. Content: 100% unbleached cotton. Dimensions: 28"H x 21"W

The Sock Shack in Portland Maine