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Greta Thunberg Red Ankle Socks

$ 7.95

Throughout history women have changed the world, making it a better place. whether you consider them idols, icons or just positive role models, their presence is more relevant than ever for today's changing times. March with Greta! Greta Thunberg, Swedish teenage climate activist, helps leads the charge against climate change and our declining environment. She's known for telling the truth, speaking truth to power and demanding change for generations of young people everywhere who want a better future. She has inspired millions of young people to participate in climate marches worldwide.

Greta Thunberg ankle socks come in red with the quote, “I want a concrete plan, not just nice words" 
on the soles.

73% cotton, 13% nylon, 10% polyester, 4% elastic, fits approximately women's shoe size 5-12, men's 3-10

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