(Coffee) Pot Head Women's Crew Sock

$ 7.50

There is no possible way you are able to start your day without a cup of coffee. You always say yes when the server asks if you want more coffee at a restaurant. You will always say yes when someone asks if you want to go on a coffee run. You get very, very cranky if you haven't had any coffee. Dripped, perked, pressed, iced. Cafe latte, cappuccino, French vanilla. Instant, if desperate enough. You my friend, are a Pot Head. A Coffee Pot Head, that is. Welcome to the club! Green background, pattern of coffee pots in cool tones all over. Teal accent at toe, heel and cuff. 

75% Cotton, 22% Nylon, 3% Lycra, Fits women's approximate shoe size 5-10, fits approximate men's shoe size 4-8
The Sock Shack in Portland Maine