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Very Amoose'ing Stretch-It Knee Highs

$ 10.00
When one thinks of getting away from the city, they are hoping to see more trees than people. Any wildlife is a nice bonus, but certain animals will leave you awestruck. Maine has more Moose per mile than any other state except Alaska, between 60,000  and 70,000 Moose. Seeing an 8-10 foot tall moose grazing along the lake can do just that, leave you awestruck. These socks capture that moment, punctuated with the sunrise over the mountains and the goofiness of Canadian geese honking and diving for food in the background. This scene reminds us of time spent in Rangeley Maine, exploring waterways via canoe and breathing deep the wild air. We love Maine! These knee highs are super stretchy, up to 21 inches in circumference without distorting the graphics. These knee high won’t fall down, no matter your leg size. Fits women's shoe size 5 to 14.5 and men's shoe size up to 13. Content: 56% cotton, 42% polyester, 2% spandex.
The Sock Shack in Portland Maine