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Bigfoot (Black) Women's Crew Sock

$ 9.00
You found him! After decades, perhaps even longer of ambling about in the dense forest, it took an intriguing soul such as yourself to coax ye olde Sasquatch into civilization! Now comes the fun part...showing him everything he's missed by being a such a recluse! Bigfoot has never been out to dinner at your favorite restaurant or to the farmer's market or to an  ice cream stand! Bigfoot hasn't been to an office, a meeting or to school. Bigfoot hasn't been to The Sock Shack to pick out fun new socks! Bigfoot hasn't even seen a certain super famous sci-fi movie(s) with the spaceship co-pilot and mechanic who looks suspiciously like him! What are you waiting for? Welcome Bigfoot to modern life and bring hime with you as you adventure through your day. Black Background, multiple  Brown and shaggy Bigfoots and the occasional tree are scattered all over these crew socks. Fits women's shoe size 5 to 10.5. 48% cotton, 51% nylon, 1% spandex.
The Sock Shack in Portland Maine