Butterflies (Beige) Women's Bamboo Crew

$ 9.50
It's said that butterflies got their name because they would fly around milk and butter. Did you know that they taste with their front feet? That a group of butterflies is called a kaleidoscope, swarm, rabble or flutter? That they are nearsighted? Even though they can only see things far away, they can see a wide range of colors - including those that are invisible to the human eye! The beauty of and intrigue of butterflies is boundless, but every stunning butterfly started life as a little caterpillar, munching away on leaves and waiting for its time to fly. Remember that when you put on a pair of these super soft bamboo butterfly socks. Fits women's shoe size 5-10.5. Content: 62% rayon from bamboo, 36% nylon, 2% spandex.
The Sock Shack in Portland Maine