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Cativities (Blue) Women's Crew Sock

$ 9.00

Aww dang! What’s the kitty gotten into now? As any cat parent know, cats are quite skilled in entertaining themselves/ getting in trouble. From knocking stuff over, to keeping your goldfish company, to depositing homemade furball “presents” you’re sure to step in, kitty has many activities lined up during your absence or…for say, around 3 am? You know, when you are trying to sleep. What other joys of solitude do they celebrate when you’re gone or trying to catch some z's? We may never know. On these funny,  light blue socks, grey kitties (or one very busy grey kitty) are knocking over water glasses, destroying toilet paper, swatting at the goldfish, horking up a hairball and licking their butts. Of course they are. Why do we love these adorable little punks again?  Fits a women's shoe size 5-10.5, men's approximate shoe size 3-8. Content: 63% Cotton, 34% Nylon, 3% Lycra.

The Sock Shack in Portland Maine