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Climbing Koala Bear (Forest Green) Women's Crew Socks

$ 8.00
In their native country, Australia, the koala is a symbol of dreams, intuition and magic. They are also symbolic of innocence. As a totem, the koala reminds us to approach life with childlike wonder. In the wild, koalas can only be found in Australia. Now they can be found on your feet too! These friendly critters are climbing up a tasty eucalyptus tree and calmly tackling the day ahead of them. Show your appreciation for these magnificent marsupials and approach each day with the steadfast determination of a koala with this fun pair of socks! Forest green background, adorable grey Koalas resting and climbing stylized eucalyptus trees.  Content: 52% cotton, 27% nylon, 19% polyester, 2% spandex
Fits approximate women's shoe sizes 4–10.5.
The Sock Shack in Portland Maine