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Cthulhu Men's (Black) Crew socks

$ 10.00

If there's one thing you need to know about Cthulhu (besides how to pronounce his name) it's that he is really, really old. One of the Old Ones, in fact. Cthulhu is a monster created by author H.P. Lovecraft, a pioneer of modern horror fiction. This massive tentacled creature is supposedly so terrifying that just looking at him will drive you insane. These men's Cthulhu socks are a must for horror and Sci-Fi fans! Cthulhu has features resembling octopus (with tentacles reaching from the deep and around the toes on this sock), dragon, and human in shades of green with bright red eyes against a black background with darker green accents at toe, heel and cuff. Fits men's shoe size 7-12.5. 70% cotton, 27% nylon, 3% spandex.

The Sock Shack in Portland Maine