Enamel Pin Corgi & Pizza, Man's Best Food

$ 8.00

Pizza’s always better with friends, right? Did somebody order a pupperoni pizza for the pizza pawty? Who could say no to this special delivery–man’s best friend and man’s best food–together at last? Well, we invited our four legged friend over to share some slices - hope you don’t mind! He’s very generous with food, and very snuggly, and if that’s not the recipe for the best pizza party ever, we don’t know what is. See how it looks on your lapel or backpack, or give it as a gift to your favorite corgi-loving, pizza-devouring friend. Wear our Best Friends enamel pin while you’re sharing the pies and commemorate the day we all became best friends forever.  Butterfly clasp, Shiny gunmetal finish, 0.6" wide x 1" high

The Sock Shack in Portland Maine