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G'Day Mate, Koalas Women's Crew Sock

$ 7.50

In the wild, koalas can only be found in Australia. Now they can be found on your feet too! These friendly critter socks also say, “G’day, mate!” across the tops. And who wouldn’t want to cuddle up with a soft little Koala? We would too, but until then,  we have settled for these very cute Koala socks! Show your appreciation for these magnificent marsupials with this fun pair of Koala socks! 
Light green background, light pink accent at toe, heel and cuff. Fits women's shoe size 4-10.5 Content:71% Cotton, 18% Nylon, 8% Polyester, 2% Spandex, 1% Rubber


The Sock Shack in Portland Maine