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Go Away Dish Towel

$ 12.99

Our swanky "Go Away" Retro Hostess Dish Towel is the perfect anti-housewarming gift. Useful, stylish, thoughtful, and hilarious! This sassy and stylish dish towel features an awesome retro pad, with a seemingly happy hostess answering the door to excited visitors who appear to not be going away anytime soon. What you don't see, is what's going on in our dear hostess's head, which is a feeling of dread...Can you identify with this? If so, don't worry, this too shall pass - probably faster than you think. Unless they bring one of those ginormous magnum bottles of wine. In that case ... I'm sorry, but you're in it for the long haul. But hey, wine! It's super-absorbent and made from 100% cotton and screen printed with water based inks (This thoughtful process makes sure it will stay vibrant through countless wash cycles!). So it's also a super handy item to have hanging around in any kitchen.  1% of the sales of Dish Towels will benefit hunger relief programs around the world. Content: 100% unbleached cotton. Dimensions: 28"H x 21"W

The Sock Shack in Portland Maine