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Hoe Down, Gardening (Green) Women's Crew Sock

$ 9.00
Enjoy gardening? Go plant something! Gardening can help promote relaxation and it can provide beautiful flowers and delicious veggies for your home. If you know someone with a green thumb, consider these cool socks that are sure to plant a seed of joy in the recipient. Or perhaps you like to spend your time up to your elbows in dirt and have the ability to cultivate plants that thrive, these are the socks for your feet to show off your green thumb. Featuring shovels, watering cans, plants and veggies. Whether you cultivate houseplants, herbs or huge pumpkins, whether you have acres or a postage stamp sized yard, these gardening socks are a great way to let everyone know you love digging in the dirt and making things grow. Fits women's shoe size 5-10.5, fits men's approximate shoe size 3-8. Contents: 51% Cotton, 47% Nylon, 2% Lycra,
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