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Maine Lobsters, Crack Me Up Ankle Socks

$ 9.00

Nothing can get between a hungry seafood fan and the Maine Lobster of their dreams...except, how to tackle that tough shell and possibly the fear of public embarrassment. Unless you grew up in New England, cracking open a Lobster isn’t the sort of skill you just instinctively know, and for those without the knack, the process might seem intimidating. Never fear, there are tools a plenty to help you and most Mainers will gladly share their best advice on getting at the good stuff! Besides, eating Lobster is almost always a little messy and a lot of fun, so get crackin'! Cute Lobster and anchor graphic on white, green accent on toe, heel and cuff, and red soles with the words “CRACK” and “ME UP” written on separate soles in white. Each pair of socks is made with high quality woven cotton that feels soft and luxurious and features extra padding in the toes and heels to make your feet extra happy.

Words on Feet:  CRACK ME UP 

Fits approximately Women's shoe size 6-12, Men's 4-10  58% cotton, 22% polyester, 16% spandex, 4% elastic.

The Sock Shack in Portland Maine