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Outlands Made In The USA, Bit On Hedge/ Wool Hedgehog (Black) L/XL Boot Sock

$ 17.00

When hedgehogs head out to forage in the evening, they can travel for up to 2 miles, that’s a long way for little Hedgehog legs! These Hedgehog socks are so sweet and comfy you'll feel like exploring all day...and night! Recycled wool blend socks with tenacious Hedgehogs, you'll want to wear these fun socks everywhere! These cozy and sturdy socks are designed with special features such as a cushioned footbed and reinforced arches for hiking and other outdoor activities. These socks are made from a blend of quality recycled materials. So if you are feeling a bit prickly or on "hedge", stretch your legs and head out for adventure. Tan, brown and cream hedgies in a repeating pattern, earth brown accent at toe and heel, black background. Made in the USA. Get in touch with your wild side in these socks that are perfect for nature lovers. 57% Nylon, 23% recycled polyester, 17% Recycled Wool, 3% spandex. Fits men's shoe sizes 8-13, Women's shoe size 9.5- 14.5


The Sock Shack in Portland Maine