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Ron Weasley Jumper/Sweater Crew Socks

$ 8.00

"Mum sends us a jumper every Christmas. And mine's always maroon."
— Ron Weasley

A Weasley jumper is a home-made jumper (sweater) made by Weasley matriarch, Molly Weasley, for family and friends and sent as Christmas gifts. They usually vary in color, but often have the recipient's first initial on the front. No amount of heating charms can compare to the warmth of a hand-knit jumper, and while these are in fact socks they are lovely and are the perfect gift for pretty much any Harry Potter and his best pal Ron Weasley fan. Cable-knit and cozy just like Mrs. Weasley's holiday sweaters! Both socks feature a R for Ronald. They are of course maroon and you might want to pick up a few extra pairs in case there are any house elves around who need freeing! Each purchase helps to fund literacy programs and book donations to communities in need.  Content: 99% Polyester, 1% Spandex, Exclusive of Elastic

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Small  Women's approximate shoe sizes 5.5–9.5, Men's approximate shoe size 4-7.5

Large Women's approximate shoe size 8-14, Men's approximate shoe sizes 7-12.5.

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