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Royale With Cheese, Pulp Fiction Men's Crew Socks

$ 11.00

“If my answers frighten you, then you should cease asking scary questions.”                    -Samuel L. Jackson as Jules Winnfield in Pulp Fiction

Back in 1994, Pulp Fiction took the indie scene by storm and has had a tremendous influence on cinema in the years since its release. In addition to rounding up an incredible ensemble cast it reignited the career of John Travolta (who received a Best Actor Oscar nomination for his work) and showed audiences a different side of Bruce Willis. BUT It was also instrumental in teaching Americans what a Quarter Pounder with Cheese is called in Paris, "Royale with Cheese in Paris" (and Big Mac is called "Le Big Mac"), and lets not forget about the whole French fries with mayonnaise instead of ketchup in Holland (we take our French Fries very seriously here at The Sock Shack).
These socks feature Jules, the hitman with a change of heart himself, a Royale with cheese and Jules' Star Model B. Red background with black accent at toe, heel and cuff. Fits men's shoe size 6-12. Content: 75% cotton, 20% polyester, 5% spandex.


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