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Shark Side Of The Moon Men's Crew Socks

$ 10.00

I'll be waiting for you on the Shark Side of the Moon. With a fun little twist on one of the greatest albums ever, these Shark Side of the Moon Socks pay homage to the  1973 Pink Floyd masterpiece.  With its evocative, eye-catching graphic of a prism turning light into color, Dark Side of the Moon‘s album cover  – is one of the most iconic designs to ever grace an LP. Replace that prism/pyramid with an apex-predator shark and you've got Shark Side of the Moon. Fun Fact: Proceeds from Pink Floyd's album helped fund Monty Python and the Holy Grail. As if Dark Side of the Moon wasn’t enough of a pop cultural landmark in itself, the album’s success was also partly responsible for the existence of the brilliantly absurd 1975 film comedy Monty Python and the Holy Grail. The members of Pink Floyd often spent their downtime during the Dark Side sessions watching Monty Python’s Flying Circus , so when the British comedy troupe ran into difficulty raising money for their first full-length feature film, the Floyd – now flush with cash from the sales of Dark Side – were more than happy to pony up 10 percent of the film’s  budget! Fits men's shoe size 5-12, women's shoe size 6-14 Content: 75% cotton, 22% polyester, 3% spandex.

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