The Moon Tarot Card (Teal) Women's Crew Socks

$ 7.00
There are several ways to interpret the cards of the tarot- that's part of what makes them so fascinating! 

The Moon Tarot card can represent illusion, intuition, uncertainty, confusion, complexity, secrets, unconscious and sometimes it can represent fear, anxiety, misunderstanding, misinterpretation hopefully leading us to clarity and understanding. Here we encounter the Moon and the beginning of a path that leads off into the distance. On either side of the path stand a wolf and a dog, representing two side of our nature - one is civilized, and the other wild and feral. The crescent Moon above. There is a red crawfish (we're in Maine- so maybe its a lobster!) crawling out of the water at the path's beginning. Everything with this Tarot seems to echo the other, alluding to two possibilities. We walk the fine line between conscious and unconscious, between the tamed side of civilization of the dog, and the forces of nature represented by the wolf. In the dark of the night, you are taking a path that you are unsure of, there may be danger lurking. The moon's light can bring you clarity and understanding and you should allow your intuition to guide you through this darkness. Teal background. 

53% cotton, 25% polyester, 20 % Nylon, 2% spandex

Fits approximate women's shoe sizes 4–10.5.
The Sock Shack in Portland Maine