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Whale Watching (Navy Blue) Women's Crew Socks

$ 9.00
The world’s largest living creatures can be found feeding and frolicking just 20 miles off the Maine coast. You can spot the awe inspiring cetaceans in Maine’s ocean waters as they breach the surface, spout water, and nurse their young. Familiar sights include humpback whales, pilot whales, minke whales, and the massive finback whale, which can grow up to 80 feet in length. Sei whales, sperm whales, orcas and right whales are also a few of the state’s occasional visitors. The best time for Maine whale watching begins in mid to late May when hungry whales arrive to feast in the rich local waters. You can always spot some on your feet with these Whale watching crew socks. A pod of Humpback Whales frolic all over them!  49% cotton, 49% nylon, 2% spandex. Fits approximate women's shoe sizes 5–10.5, fits men's approximate shoe size 3-8.
The Sock Shack in Portland Maine