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Oyster Shucker (Blue) Crew Socks L/XL

$ 11.00

It’s Not All About Lobster. There, I said it.

Those who’ve had the happy experience know, once you’ve tasted a Maine oyster, you’re pretty much hooked. Maine Oysters are known for their complex flavor with a hint of saltiness and a pronounced sweetness. Yum! Enjoying Maine oysters is nothing new. Thousands of years ago, Native people gathered up tons of the shellfish and left huge, riverside middens of empty shells. Now we enjoy Maine oysters (and Pacific Oysters, too) at the many fantastic eateries in Portland and beyond. 

Contents: 61% cotton, 38% nylon, 1% spandex. Fits approximate men's shoe sizes 7–13 and Women's Shoe Size 10.5+. 

The Sock Shack in Portland Maine