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Alice In Wonderland Stretch-It Knee Highs

$ 12.00
It's been over 150 years since Lewis Carroll introduced Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, the story which has become a favorite of children and adults the world over. Now, Alice's story comes to life on these whimsical Alice in Wonderland socks featuring iconic elements from the story. Lose yourself in Alice's story as she finds herself in a rather curious place called Wonderland. Peer through the keyhole into the wild world of Wonderland. The Chesire Cat is ready to take you on tour! With a repeated pattern of Wonderland keys to unlock all the little doors of your dreams. Watch out for the mushrooms lest you grow taller or shorter!  These bookish socks are a fun and practical gift for any occasion. These knee highs are super stretchy, up to 21 inches in circumference without distorting the graphics. These knee high won’t fall down, no matter your leg size. Fits women's shoe size 5 to 14.5 and men's shoe size up to 13. Content: 60% cotton, 37% polyester, 3% spandex.
The Sock Shack in Portland Maine