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Dragonflies (Green) Unisex Boot Sock S/M

$ 12.00

There are lots of reasons to love dragonflies. They look cool, eat mosquitoes and have nifty nicknames...devil’s darning needle, darning needle, and sewing needle are just a few nicknames that were inspired by their long, needle-like bodies and the way they fly back and forth, mimicking the movement a needle travels when darning socks. In the natural world, dragonflies revel in being rule-breakers, they disobey any posted speed limits and are the fastest flyers of the insect world. Fly in a straight line? No way! Dragonflies can spin 180 degrees in a flash, jet straight up or nosedive straight down, fly backward, and hover. Boring dress code? From all black to vividly patterned,  iridescent colors, Dragonflies appear in a wide variety of colors and patterns. Symbolism for the Dragonfly has many meanings...happiness, hope, love, new beginnings and change. 

Be your own hopeful rule-breaker in t
hese beautiful Outland Dragonfly boot socks.  Featuring antimicrobial yarns, a cushioned footbed and arch support, these hiking socks will keep you stylish and comfortable all day long. All Outlands socks provide moisture wicking cotton, arch support, and a padded footbed.  Repeated pattern of indigo, blue and violet Dragonflies. Lime green background, violet accent at toe, heel and cuff. Fits women's shoe size 6 to 10.5, men's shoe size 5-9.  60% wicking cotton, 20% polyester, 18% nylon 2% spandex.

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