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Feel The Bern, Bernie Sanders Women's Crew Sock

$ 9.50

Bernie Sanders didn't mean to steal the show at Joe Biden's swearing-in ceremony. But that's exactly what Bernie did. And thanks to his practical clothing choices and his relatable, near-constant air of no-nonsense grumpiness and his look of being so over whatever is happening (if it doesn't pertain to his legislative goals), he's the star of many a meme. And now, a sock! Let Bernie send the message for you. It's kind of like those times when you might be so over a party if you're just not in a party mood. Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders in his big, brown, winter coat, fuzzy mittens and mask seated just so in his folding chair against a blue background, at the toe the word, "Mood".

10% of the proceeds from these socks go towards Meals on Wheels.

Fits women's shoe size 4-10.5. Content: 65% cotton, 32% nylon, 3% spandex.

The Sock Shack in Portland Maine