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German Shepherd (Rust) Women’s Crew Socks

$ 9.00
The German Shepherd Dog, also known as the Alsatian in Great Britain and parts of Europe, is among the top 10 most popular dog breeds in the U.S., and probably one of the world's most recognized breeds. They’re intelligent and capable working dogs. Their devotion and courage are unmatched. And they’re amazingly versatile. They excel at most anything they’re trained to do...guide and assistance work ✅, police and military service ✅, herding ✅, search and rescue ✅,  and — last but not least — faithful companion ✅✅. These cute German Shepherd socks for feature the brown and black dogs standing alert and ready for adventure or play, rust background with ivory accents at toe, heel and cuff. 
Content:46% Cotton, 52% Nylon, 2% Spandex. Fits approximate women’s shoe sizes 5–10.5,  men's approximate shoe size 3-8.


The Sock Shack in Portland Maine