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Happy Hamsters (Purple) Women’s Crew Socks

$ 9.00

Hamsters are loads of fun! They’re low maintenance, a blast to play with and just plain adorable. These sweet Happy Hamster socks feature a pattern of the fuzzy animals munching away on sunflower seeds against a light purple background. The name "Hamster" comes from the German word hamstern," which means "to hoard"- yeah, makes sense after looking at those adorable cheeks. Even domesticated hamsters will hoard, despite the fact that they don't need to. Hey, I've been known to stock up on canned beans and rice, "just in case" so I definitely 'get you' little hamsters! 

 Content: 55% Cotton, 44% Nylon, 1% Spandex. Fits approximate women’s shoe sizes 5–10.5, fits men's approximate shoe size 3-8.


The Sock Shack in Portland Maine