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Mesh Laundry Bag

$ 9.00


Does your home or laundromat have a dreaded sock monster lurking about? You know...the little creature or force that collects socks, leaving a once happy pair of socks a single-ready-to-mingle solo sock or perhaps they Both disappear! Well, the dastardly sock monster is no match for our Mesh Laundry Bag. Two socks enter, two socks are happily there at the end of the wash cycle. No more stowaway socks in pants legs either. This Mesh Laundry Bag will also help your beloved socks last longer, sparing them from snags and abrasions from tough fabric like denim or buttons and zippers. Also great for lingerie and delicates as well as storing socks and such things in your drawers or for travel.  Washer and dryer safe, great for hand washing delicates too. Super fine mesh fabric, zipper guard keeps bag safely and securly closed in wash, hanging loop for easy storage and drying. 20" x 15.5", 100% Polyester

The Sock Shack in Portland Maine