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Outlands Made in USA Ukulele In Paradise (Blue) Women's Boot Sock

$ 15.00

Shhhh, we've just spotted a lone ukulele in its natural habitat, among the pretty flora of Hawaii. Perhaps it will play us a tune! These cozy and sturdy socks are designed with special features such as a cushioned footbed and reinforced arches for hiking and other outdoor activities. These socks are made from a blend of quality recycled materials. Get in touch with your musical side in these socks that are perfect for music lovers, hikers and anyone who likes a comfy and cozy sock. Tangerine accent at toe and heel, sky blue background with a Ukulele nestled between palm fronds, hibiscus and plumeria. Fits women's shoe size 6 to 10.5 and men's shoe size 5-9. 43% Nylon. 28% recycled cotton, 26% recycled polyester, 3% spandex. Made in the USA. 

The Sock Shack in Portland Maine