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Pew! Pew! Laser Cats Women's Shimmer Crew

$ 9.00

Pew! Pew! Ever wonder what sound Laser Cats make when they are getting your attention? Mystery solved, not Mew! Mew! more like ...Pew! Pew! A word of warning: Don't mess with these Laser Cats. Late filling that dinner bowl; let the kitty box go a little too long before freshening it up; rub them the wrong way? They'll Pew Pew the heck out of you. The perfect gift for mischievous cat owners and owners of mischievous cats, these hot pink, shimmery, glittery socks will add some fun to your sock collection. Pew! Pew! 

The fibers in these socks are certified by OEKO-TEX® Standard 100, which means no harmful chemicals, keeping your skin safe and happy.

 Fits women's shoe size 5-10, men's shoe size 3.5-8.5.                                                 Content: 50% cotton, 42% polyester, 6% metallic, 2% spandex.

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