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Pigeon Promenade King Size Crew sock (13-17)

$ 9.50

Whether we’re avoiding their droppings(once highly prized fertilizer) or admiring their plumage and affectionate, peaceful ways, Pigeons are a part of everyday life for people all over the world. These plentiful avians have a long history of helping humans. They've been a food source, companion, communication tool, war heroes...some have even been trained to detect cancer! Enjoy these peaceful pigeons promenading on these grey socks.

Men's shoe size 13-15+. 
Contents: 85% Cotton, 10% Polyester, 5% Spandex

Machine wash, cold (30 ℃ / 86 ℉). Do not bleach or iron. To reduce damage and if you're feeling very fancy, line dry. They will last longer if you keep them out of the tumble dryer.

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