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Sea Otter, Endangered Series Men's Crew Socks

$ 11.00

The Sea Otter is an important inhabitant in kelp forest and estuaries — It’s a keystone species, which means that the health of Sea Otters is a good indication of the health of other species and ecosystems nearby. In the kelp forest, they eat sea urchins and other animals that graze on giant kelp. With sea otters helping to keep the urchins under control, kelp forests can thrive and support a rich community of plants and animals. Although the sea otter population has increased since these animals became protected, they remain on the endangered list. 10% of the proceeds from the Endangered Species collection will benefit organizations that prioritize wildlife conservation.

Fits men's approximate shoe size 7-12.5, Women's approximate shoe size 8.5-14. Content: 51% cotton, 47% nylon, 2% lycra.


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