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Squid And Whale Men's Crew Sock

$ 11.00
Giant Squid have captured, and terrified the seafaring imagination for centuries. Likely inspiring centuries of sea monster reports and serving as the basis for tales of the Kraken, a marine colossus said to attack ships.  Squid are often the preferred meal of sperm Whales but our money is on this giant Squid! In striking tones of orange and red this giant Squid spreads its tentacles out over the navy blue depths of the sock. Some of the tentacles playfully drape down to tag a giant whale tail, yeah, thats it, just a friendly game of tag.  Wear a pair of these men's squid and whale socks and prepare to "Release the Kraken"!  65% cotton, 24% nylon, 8% polyester, 3% spandex. Fits approximate men's shoe sizes 8–13.
The Sock Shack in Portland Maine