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Star Trek, Spock 3D Ears Men's Crew Socks

$ 10.00

If you’re a Star Trek fan, we have some cool socks that make a logical fashion choice for you! These fun socks feature your favorite half-Vulcan, Mr. Spock...and his ears!

While these socks may bid you to "Live Long and Prosper",  we're not entirely sure if these socks will actually imbue your life with the Vulcan logic, strength and speed. But we are sure that people will know that you are super into the original Star Trek because these great socks have EARS! Yes...Ears!  3D padded felt attached Spock Ears. Science officer blue shirt, Starfleet insignia and Spock's signature raven fringe hairstyle round out the design. Even though these socks are super humanly/vulcanly cool and dripping with style, they probably shouldn't be exposed to vigorous activities like battling other Starfleet officers, punk rockers or Klingons, etc. 
Sock Size: 10-13 / Shoe Size 6-12
 Fits men's shoe size 6-12, women's shoe size 7.5- 13.5. Content: 68% Acrylic, 30% Poly, 2% Spandex

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