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Vintage Moths (Gold) Women's Bamboo Crew

$ 10.00
Before you dismiss them as boring, ponder these fascinating facts about moths. Moths outnumber butterflies by a 9 to 1 ratio. Moths come in all sizes. Some Moths do not have mouths. Most Moths are nocturnal, but many fly during the day.  Moths are important pollinators. Moths love a good micro-brew (same, moth, same). We usually think of moths as drab brown or gray winged creatures that batter themselves against the front porch light. But moths also come in an incredible array of colors, with patterns and designs on their wings that rival the most beautiful butterflies. These vintage pattern Moth socks are so sweet and delicate you'll feel like you're floating all day. Gold background, light and dark patterned moth design, cream colored accent at toe, heel and cuff. 
Bamboo is a soft fiber so in addition to looking good, they feel good, too. Made from sustainable bamboo fiber, these socks are certified organic and free of harmful chemicals! OCIA and OEK-TEX certified. Fits women's shoe size 5-10.5. Content: 63% rayon from bamboo, 35% nylon, 2% spandex.
The Sock Shack in Portland Maine