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Wow Cow (Blue) Women's Crew Sock

$ 9.00

With those big dreamy eyes, unhurried gate, and generally languid demeanor, cows don't get credit for much beyond providing the milk and meat that much of the world relies on. They are intelligent, highly social animals and are even honored as sacred creatures in some parts of the world. Cows are much smarter than we generally give them credit for. They are excellent problem solvers, they remember faces (so make sure you’re nice when you meet one!) and they get excited when they find solutions to intellectual problems, just like humans! And just like humans cows display a full range of personalities and emotions. The cows on these socks are quite happy with their pretty floral crowns, they know the look gooooood!  Did you know? A cow named Maudine Ormsby was crowned homecoming queen at Ohio State University in 1926. Black and white Holsteins sport colorful floral crowns on these light blue socks. Black accent at toe and heel. 
Fits Women's Shoe Size 5-10.5 and Men's Shoe Size 5-9. 46% cotton, 51% nylon, 3% spandex.

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